Always look up

Many people these days seem to spend a lot of time staring at a small screen. A good proportion of the rest never look above street level. If you do take the time to look above street level, above the anodyne, corporate shopfronts you will often be surprised by what you find.

Modern streets at eye level become Victorian or Georgian terraces above eye level. Glass shop fronts give way to clues about the real history of the neighbourhood at higher levels.

If you look up you will see stuff that most other people miss.

This is particularly true in Piccadilly Circus. Most people who have visited, will have seen the Horses of Helios charging out of the fountain on the corner of Haymarket. Few will have looked up to see the Daughters of Helios flying from the roof above. Known as the Three Graces, they are by the same sculptor as the horses below.

So looking up rather than down can certainly pay dividends. Just be careful you don’t walk into anything…

Details: Piccadilly Circus

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