Views of St Paul’s

Probably the most iconic photograph of St Paul’s Cathedral was taken by Herbert Mason on the night of 29 December 1940.

The image shows the dome of St Paul’s amongst the devastation of a bombing raid in the early hours of the morning. Surrounded by search light beams, fire and thick black smoke the image of the dome became a symbol of survival and suffering.

Original photograph: Daily Mail anniversary report

The image above shows the same dome in a much more modern context, reflected in the windows of the shopping centre at One New Change. One New Change has another claim to fame. Take the lift to the top floor of a building so ultra modern, it upset Prince Charles and you will be rewarded with a view over the rooftops to St Paul’s and the River Thames.

More information: Roof Terrace at One New Change

St Paul’s is a particularly striking building, situated on a slight hill and thankfully protected from many of the excessively high buildings that have come to dominate the London skyline in recent years. It is one of those buildings that is ever changing while still remaining the same.

It changes to suit the season and the light and the weather. It is a joy up close and beautiful from afar. The most famous of Wren’s designs it is always worth the time spent.

Details: St Paul’s Cathedral

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