Visiting Tower Bridge when the roadway lifts

The magnificent example of Victorian engineering that is Tower Bridge in London is always an impressive site.

When the roadways lift to allow a large vessel to pass underneath, it is an even more imposing spectacle.

Tower Bridge by Dave Straven, on Flickr
Tower Bridge” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by  Dave Straven

I thought this was a fairly rare event as, in the considerable number of years I have lived in London, I have only seen the roadway lift a couple of times. It turns out that ‘bridge lifts’ as they are known happen very frequently.

In the week that I am writing this piece, the bridge will lift 22 times.

A bridge lift schedule is maintained at Bridge lift times.

Anywhere in the vicinity of the bridge is a good place to watch, although upriver on either bank provides the less restricted and more spacious viewing points.

Details: Tower Bridge


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